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Vangelis Logothetis

Evangelos Logothetis

Vangelis works as a consultant at inCITES Consulting and has experience working with regulators, public authorities and network operators in the field of technoeconomics. His areas of expertise include network modelling, both fixed and wireless, wholesale access pricing and cost modelling.
Before joining inCITES, Vangelis participated in various projects as a member of the technoeconomics research team of the University of Athens, most notably as a principal researcher and lead designer in the development of the NGA bottom up LRIC+ model on behalf of the Greek NRA. 
Vangelis holds a BSc in Informatics and Telecommunications and a MSc in Managements and Economics of Telecommunication networks from the University of Athens where he also is a PhD candidate, with main research focus the technoeconomic analysis of telecommunication networks.


• Network modelling

• Wholesale access pricing

• Cost modeling

• Techno-economic analysis