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2017 Year in Review

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2017 Year in Review

As 2017 is coming to an end we would like to recap our 2017 activities and reflect on the lessons we learned from them during the outgoing year. 2017 was a very productive and pivotal year for inCITES Consulting. The short version of it is that we have further enhanced our advisory services while focusing on expanding our offering that will better serve our clients.

Amongst other initiatives, in 2017 we:

Widened our knowledge horizons by helping our clients thrive in the new digital era

2017 was an exciting year in terms of the intricacy and challenging nature of the projects we undertook. While serving our clients, we found ourselves writing a technoeconomic report for an Asian investor wanting to invest a large sum in fiber deployment in Europe, developing a compensation model for a Universal Service Provider for a European operator and working alongside lawyers to formulate one of our client’s rhetoric in their lawsuit against another operator.

We are being asked to tackle complex business problems and our consultants are rising to the occasion to deliver for our clients! 

Expanded our offering into Data and syndicated Research

In September, we brainstormed on how we can leverage our expertise to deliver more value to our clients. We decided to set up a database with ICT datasets and start producing market reports on hot topics in ICT. Today, we are in the pleasant position to have a granular database comprising Mobile Connectivity and Fixed Connectivity data and forecasts and we have also formulated our Research Agenda 2018 together with our clients.

We stand firm to our mission to offer our customers the best possible services and products that will help them realise their full potential!

Strengthened our position as trusted research partners for the European Commission

In 2017, we continued contributing with our technoeconomic expertise to three H2020 5G projects, namely, CHARISMA, SHIELD and SESAME that started in 2015. We also got awarded two brand new projects, a 5G innovation project, named 5GCity, and a Cybersecurity research and innovation project, named SAINT, for both of which we are really excited.

The combined budget for these projects is €28 million and they involve over 54 research partners, including some of the largest network operators and research centers in Europe. 

We are thrilled to be part of this big research family!

Brought the academia closer to the industry

In June, we organised a 5G Business Modelling and technoeconomic analysis workshop during the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) 2017 in Oulu, Finland. As part of the CHARISMA and SESAME projects, inCITES organized a summer school on 5G development and implementation roadmap at the University of Helsinki, Finland where we sat side-by-side with the students and talked them through the challenges we face when creating a new business model and how one can overcome those. 

In November, we presented two papers around ‘Data Center cost modelling’ and ‘The Innovative Business Model of 5G’ to the CTTE-CMI conferences at Aalborg University in Copenhagen in front of a mixed audience of industry and academic participants, in which we bounced off ideas with other ICT enthusiasts around technoeconomic modelling of 5G investments.

We love seeing young students and professionals talking passionately about ICT!

Showcased our expertise in industry events

In November, we participated in the Connected Stadium Summit in Amsterdam where we presented an investment analysis of deploying a 5G Small Cell network in a large stadium in order to provide basic connectivity as well as immersive video services (IVS). Our presentation received great feedback from the event participants with whom we agreed that 5G will enable a host of new business models in the sports industry.

We are proud of our innovative ideas and we are keen to share them with everyone!


inCITES Consulting is committed in delivering value to its clients with our Consultants’ extensive expertise in ICT. We cannot say thank you enough to our clients and partners for a fruitful 2017 and we are looking forward to an even more prosperous 2018!

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