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We solve complex business problems


We deliver specialist advisory services in ICT that help our clients understand the market dynamics and profit from the ever-changing landscape.

Working side by side with our clients allows us to better understand their business requirements and using a data-driven approach we create tailor-made solutions to support them.From identifying a new investment opportunity, through to evaluating, implementing and distributing it, InCites Consulting can advise and support your business in every step of the process.


We specialise in:


Regulatory Economics: We provide advisory services on costing system, termination rates, services pricing, price squeeze models and others. InCites experts have long experience in developing various specialized tools and implementing methodologies like USO, (pure) long run incremental cost (LRIC) and fully distributed cost amongst others.
Technology Roadmapping: We help businesses prioritise the factors that will affect market adoption and evolution of their future innovative products and services. InCites experts have developed specialised decision-making tools based on advanced methodologies like Fuzzy AHP method.
Market Analysis: We conduct surveys and studies on the attractiveness and the dynamics of target markets in terms of size, trends, growth rate and distribution channels amongst others.Our experts provide advices related to evolving opportunities, and threats helping organisation to design or change various aspects of their investment strategies.
Demand Forecasting: By combining network operators’ plans with other trusted sources and our experts’ opinion our experts are able to provide demand forecasting and market sizing services that help network operators and other players in the ICT ecosystem better understand technologies and services trends.
Technoeconomic Analysis | Business Planning: Assess the impact of several parameters (e.g. demographic, economic, technical, demand etc,) on different technology investment scenarios. Sensitive and risk analysis are also used in order to identify the most critical parameters of the investment.We define ourselves as technoeconomic analysis and business planning experts for the analysis of any technology solution.
Value Chain Analysis | Business Modelling: Support organisation to identify the involved parts from the input to the output of the chain creating services and products of real value to their customers. We use business canvas and other tools to draw the relationships between the involved players as well as their intertwined revenue streams.
Socioeconomic Impact Analysis: We advise policy and decision makers to identify the socioeconomic impact of new technologies in terms of GDP growth, number of new job positions created and the general impact of those solutions to society.