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Dr. Theodoros Rokkas

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Dr. Theodoros Rokkas

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Theodoros is the CTO of inCITES Consulting and has more than 15 years of experience in working with networks operators, equipment vendors, regulators and public authorities on various projects in the field of techno-economics. Theodoros areas of expertise include cost modelling, government policy development, next generation fixed and wireless access networks, network planning and regulation.

Theodoros has been serving as a member of the Optical Communications and Broadband Access laboratory at University of Athens since 2000 during which time he has participated in several research and innovation projects.

Theodoros holds a BSc in Physics, a MSc in Electronics and Radio-Communications and a PhD on the techno-economic evaluation of Next Generation Networks (NGN), all from the University of Athens. He has more than 25 publications in Journals, Conferences and 2 book chapters.  


• Techno-economic analysis / modelling

• Next generation networks

• Business planning / modeling

• Regulation