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The use case of 5G in stadiums

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The use case of 5G in stadiums

One of 5G use cases that will unlock new revenue streams and enable new business models has to do with Crowded Event environments, such as malls, stadiums, concerts and airports, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Crowded events stress test operators’ networks as they require significant capacity to offer connectivity to large audiences. In addition, the spectators’ preferences have changed dramatically in the more recent years towards the consumption of video and higher resolution pictures, which stresses even more the network capacity and affects the quality of service. A new need that has also arisen is that of ‘active’ viewing of events from various angles, live video-streaming, extra content related to the event and more real-time updates on event-related news. Despite the significant investments made by network providers to increase the network capacity to prepare for crowded events, delivering high-bandwidth, high quality services, such as live-stream video, continues to be a challenge.

Dr. Ioannis Neokosmidis

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