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NEANIAS is a Research and Innovation project as part of Horizon 2020 agenda that comprehensively addresses the ‘Prototyping New Innovative Services’ challenge set out in the recent ‘Roadmap for European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)’ foreseen actions. 

NEANIAS will drive the co-design, delivery, and integration into EOSC of innovative thematic services, derived from state-of-the-art research assets and practices in three major sectors: underwater research, atmospheric research and space research. 

Each thematic service will not only address its community-specific needs but will also enable the transition of the respective community to the EOSC concept and Open Science principles. 

From a technological perspective, NEANIAS will deliver a rich set of services that are designed to be flexible and extensible. From a sustainability perspective, NEANIAS identifies promising, cutting-edge business cases across several user communities and lays out several concrete exploitation opportunities.

NEANIAS has a budget of ~€5.5 mil and it involves 20 partners from 6 countries.

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