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Business Planning of a new IT Platform

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Business Planning of a new IT Platform

A rapidly growing European software company wanted to expand its product portfolio and create a new platform that offered a specialised service to its users. inCITES Consulting was asked to identify the size of the potential market for such a platform and develop and implement an appropriate business model to support its go-to-market strategy.

inCITES developed a detailed go-to-market strategy backed by hard data that was obtained by market analysis and demand modelling of the market in question. inCITES modelled all of the platform’s offered services, performed extensive investment analysis of the platform’s potential and conducted a sensitivity analysis on the revenue and risk factors of the investment. 

By the end of the project, our client was equipped with all the necessary tools to assess the investment potential of the new platform before launching it to the market. After one month, our client decided to roll out the platform which is currently being used by a number of international firms.

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