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Devising a National 5G Strategy

5G National Strategy
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Devising a National 5G Strategy

The Government of Luxembourg wanted to create a national 5G strategy as per the European Commission’s ‘Action Plan for 5G in Europe’. Luxembourg’s vision is to be amongst the leaders in 5G, while seeking to make the most of the new technology towards improving the wellbeing of its citizens and driving economic prosperity for the country.

inCITES was called to contribute with its expertise in 5G to formulate Luxembourg’s 5G strategy.


Working alongside the Media and Communications Ministry, inCITES experts created an expert report that underpinned Luxembourg’s 5G strategy that was based on a number of discussions with a wide range of stakeholders from the Luxembourgish ecosystem that are directly or indirectly involved with 5G network deployment. The report examined various aspects of 5G networks, such as business models, market demand, regulatory considerations and possible funding schemes and it also identified several potential candidates for 5G pilot testbeds across the country.

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